People and the environment must be met with respect and appreciation. Therefore everyone should contribute to the well-being of the planet und quality of life. For this reason, we support sustainable solutions in work processes, production processes and services as far as economically and humanly possible.

Development program OS

As part of the EOS Program, we manage the development of energy efficient and sustainable products, systems and concepts. This is how we create ecological and sustainable solutions together .

CO2-Reduction program OS

We certify CO2 reduction services. This confirms your contribution to the preservation of nature and the environment. Among other things, this contribution is expressed in the constant implementation of an energy and ROS Program. The goal should be a CO2 neutral company. Economic necessities need to be considered in doing so.


Within the scope of our ROS Program we systematically support by constantly optimizing business and service processes and thus actively prevent environmental damage. The goal is to reduce CO2 emissions.

Ocean Solunis footprint


Through OSf you annually determine the CO2 reduction of your company.